CCTV Installation Seminar


Domar has a long history of providing CCTV solutions to customer and installers alike, now we want to give back to our loyal customer base. We will be offering a 2 day (10 hours) seminar on setting up Analog + IP systems, both immersive, intricacies and other major suppliers. Covering everything from Cabling, type of cameras and systems, what is PoE through port forwarding to remote viewing. It is an immersive session designed to gain a working knowledge and a well-rounded understanding of all aspects of the intricacies of CCTV set up.

The seminar will provide you with a solid grounding in all areas of CCTV installation; teaching you relevant, practical skills and giving you an understanding of CCTV installation in a business context.

The course is divided into 5 sections all of which Combine to enable you to competently and confidently set up CCTV systems:

Section 1 - Introduction to CCTV systems

- Introduction to different types of CCTV components, BNC termination, analog & digital signals, CCTV lens.

- CCTV installation tool.

Section 2 - Electrical and CCTV Installation

- Practical wiring of different types of cameras.

- How to power a CCTV system.

- How to choose the cable size installing junction boxes.

- Right selection of electric tools.

Section 3 - CCTV System Designing

- How to select the right lens size.

- How to set the right recording resolution, frames per second, motion detection & recording setup.

- Calculating storage space.

Section 4 - Practical Wiring of CCTV system

 - Installing active, passive baluns with CAT5, installing PSU using CAT5, British standards in cabling, wiring termination box, health and safety and best practice in CCTV.

Section 5 - Networking In CCTV

- Installing a local area network, port forwarding, configuring domain name, mobile phone viewing, active X installation and firewall configuration.

Seminar Price £399.99 + VAT £479.99.