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PoE Kits Manual

Wireless Kits Manual

Wireless CCTV Kits

  • 5MP Tropox Kits Support:
  • If you bought an Zxtech 5MP Tropx Wireless CCTV system; 
  • If your product code start with WF;

User Manuals

This section provides support for the legacy CCTV systems you've previously purchased from us. We are committed to supporting your system long-term, even if it's no longer under warranty. While we cannot guarantee support for very old systems, we will always do our best to keep all the help resources available online.

Legacy Analog Camera

  • If you bought Any Zxtech AHD and Analog CCTV Cameras; 
  • Product code should start with MCD or MCB; 

FAQ for Legacy Products

Here including some of the frequency asked questions for our previous sold product which you might find it useful.

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