Zxtech PTZ Wireless Security Camera - 5MP/4MP 10X/5X Optical Zoom Full Colour Night Vision Face Detection Wifi 2-Way Audio SD Indoor/Outdoor


Memory size: No SD Card
Colour: White
Motorized Optical Zoom: 5X
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The Key Features

  • Wireless 8dB Enhanced Connection
  • Intense LED and Infrared Fusion Night Vision
  • Optional 5X and 10X optical zoom
  • Colour Footage 24/7 even During the Night
  • Automatic PTZ with Preset Patrol Option
  • 5 Megapixel Super HD
  • 2-Way Audio with Built-in Mic and Speaker
  • Smart face and Humanoid Detection
  • Smart alert as well as trigger a loud alarm sound
  • P2P QR Scan Mobile App Connection
  • Access and control the camera anyway anytime once setup complete
  • SD Card Slot with up to 128GB 
  • Waterproof IP67
  • Vandal Proof
  • Onvif 2.0+
  • H265+
  • Sony Starvis Low Lux Sensor
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Insane Wireless Signal 

The latest Zxtech PTZ Wireless Security Camera range comes with a greatly enhanced wireless antenna that can achieve wireless strengths of 8dB. Compared to the traditional 3dB antennas, this upgrade overcomes even more installation obstacles, therefore dramatically decreasing the dropout rate versus any other wireless CCTV system.

Wireless PTZ security camera

Fusion Night Vision Mode

The infrared light wave is hardly noticeable to the naked eyes but the CCTV footage will be produced in black and white; while the LED bulbs are as bright as the camera flash they can produce full-colour night-vision footage. With both infrared and LED light bulbs integrated into a single body, you have the option to choose and configure between these two options.  

5mp ptz camera

Intelligent Infrared-LED Light Switch

Thanks to the infrared-LED fusion night vision light bulb, advanced image processing power and face detection capability, the Zxtech Wireless PTZ camera has the ability to smartly switch between invisible infrared light and ultra-bright LED lights during the night. During the quiet time, the camera will use invisible infrared light and record traditional black and white nighttime footage; as soon as it recognizes any human movement, it will instantly switch on the bright LED lights and record in full colour during the night. 

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PTZ and 5X/10X Zoom

Compared to other PTZs with 4-digit price tags, The new Tropox range comes with fully-fledged PTZ options at a very affordable price. Simply go to the pan, tilt and zoom functions on our free mobile app, and you will be able to control the camera remotely anywhere in the world. You can also set up the patrol routine on the app by following our step-by-step guide. You can choose to buy a 5x optical zoom option or a 10x optical zoom option. In addition, you can use our recorder, or desktop software through the recorder to control the PTZ on a computer.

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Built-in Sound Recording and Instant Talk Back

The new Zxtech PTZ Wireless Security Camera range comes with both a built-in microphone and speaker. Without needing to connect to external audio devices, and under most circumstances with complicated cabling, you have all of it already integrated tightly with the camera and the app. You can simply tap to talk through the camera, listen to the live streaming, or playback the recording with audio. 

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Highly Efficient Human Recognition 

With its state-of-the-art built-in artificial intelligent software, the Zxtech Tropox range features an ultra-smart face and humanoid detection capability. As soon as a person walks into the frame, the software will highlight the intruder with an optional and configurable yellow frame around the person, and it can be configured to trigger an alarm with 5 different alert options.

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5 Unique Ways of Getting the Alert

Once the smart alert has been triggered, there are 5 functions you can easily leverage to make your system even more useful. First of all, you can configure the camera to send a couple of images to your emails. It will require some SMTP setup, please check our DOMAR CCTV YouTube videos. Secondly, if you are an advanced server user, you can set the camera to upload pictures and videos to your FTP server.  Thirdly, if you have inserted and formatted an SD card in the camera, you can configure the camera to save the picture and videos to that SD storage. Fourthly, you can download our free iOS and Android app, and receive instant mobile notifications. Finally, you can leverage the built-in speaker to play a fairly loud alarm sound, such as a siren or a dog barking sound; the sound itself can provide extra protection against a timid thief.

10x zoom ptz camera wireless security system

Internal Storage Option

We recommend you get an external NVR for bigger and longer recordings. However, with its built-in SD Card slot, you have the option to record all the CCTV footage into the camera by inserting an SD Card with a maximum storage capacity of 128GB, without needing an external recorder. The storage will be used in a loop-recording fashion, which means once the SD card is full, it will start to recycle the storage in a first-in-first-out fashion.

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The Easiest Mobile Setup Ever

The new Tropox, in fact, all zxtech IP range, comes with an ultra-easy mobile setup process. Once you have registered with the app, you will be able to load up the camera within a couple of minutes. The configuration is very intuitive, and you won’t need extensive networking experience to get the app set up. Once it's loaded up, you will be able to view live streaming, playback the recordings, talk and listen, control the PTZ and configure the camera anywhere in the world.

white 10x zoom pan tilt zoom camera

Waterproof for British Weather

The Zxtech PTZ Wireless Security Camera is designed to suit British weather. With proper installation, the camera will be able to withstand most of the horrible weather conditions we normally experience in the UK. If you are installing the camera somewhere constantly exposed to the rain, be sure to consider an installation location such as under the porch to extend the camera longevity even longer.

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Premium Sony Starvis Low Lux Sensor

All Zxtech IP Camera range uses Sony Starvis range chips. It is the Diamond standard CCTV sensor in the industry that produces one of the best CCTV footage in the world. Sony Starvis chip also gives the camera a longer service life and much better night vision clarity. Compared to other brands that do not state clearly what chip or sensor they use, Zxtech only partners with Sony.

Wireless PTZ camera with face detection

5MP Super HD Provides Ultra Clear Image

5 Megapixel resolution, as the name suggests, produces 5 million pixel video footage. Compare 5MP to traditional HD 720P, it is 5X clear; compare 5MP to full HD 1080p, 5MP is 2.5X clear. With the help of the amazing optical zoom-in option, you can leverage the camera to capture the car reg even if you have a super long driveway.

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Full Steel Body Against Vandalism

All zxtech IP camera range comes with a solid, vandal-proof metallic case. Holding it in your hand, you will immediately realise it's not a cheap plastic make. The camera will be able to withstand vandalism to a high level, therefore protecting your security footage from the brutal force.

wireless ptz camera with wall bracket

Tech Specs

Sensor 5 Megapixel 1/2.8" SONY335 STARVISlow lux CMOS
Video Resolutoin Main stream: 2560 x 1920 pixel @ 15fps, 2560 x 1440 pixel @ 15fps
Sub stream: 800 x 600 / 800 x 448 @25fps, 640 x 480 / 640 x 352 @ 25fps
Video compression H.264 / H.265
Lens 5x Zoom Option: 2.7 - 13.5mm 5x optical zoom autofocus lens
10x Zoom Option: 5 - 50mm 10x optical zoom auto focus lens
View angle 5x Zoom Option: 108.1° - 30.3°
10x Zoom Option: 61.5° - 7°
Night vision 10 units of Smart Dual Light Source LED (IR & Warm White), night vision distance up to 60m
Audio compression G.726 / G.711
Audio code rate 8Kbps, 16bit
Audio input/output Built-in mic and speakers; support two-way audio
Motion detecting alarm Can set 4 independent detection regions (1-100 sensitivity can be set)
Alarm linkage Set alarm to send a captured picture to your email
Set alarm to upload pictures and videos to the FTP server
Set alarm to record pictures and videos to Micro SD card
Set alarm to push notification through our free app
Set alarm to trigger loud sound alarm through a build-in speaker such as a siren or dog bark
Wifi Antenna Enhanced 8dB
Wireless IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Ethernet RJ45 Ethernet
Onvif protocol Support ONVIF 2.4 (backwards compatible)
Micro SD card Support up to 128G micro SD card
Recording mode Alarm triggered recording and scheduled recording
Video playback Playback available on our free App, IE browser and remote client; Playback the downloadable footage with various types of media players
Rotation angle Horizon: 350°, Vertical: 90°
Horizontal speed 6°-20°/S
Vertical speed 8°-25°/S
Preset Set up to 8 preset points and supports cruise functions
General specification
Power DC12V 2A
Operating environment Environment -20°C ~ +60°C (-4°F ~ +140°F)
Humidity 10% ~ 90%, non-condensing
Material Full metal body
Waterproof level IP66
Reset button Built-in